How to survive on Minecraft PE

Hi everyone! Today I am going to learn you the

Seven Imporatnt things for surviving on Minecraft

 And yes, today we're gonna learn the most important points on the Minecraft survival.

First: Get Wood

The FIRST thing you must do when you arrive on a minecraft world in the survival mode is to collect wood.

It is the most important thing you can have in Minecraft. You can't do anything without havin wood blocks. You can't even get stone without it because you need a pickaxe.

Second: Craft the most useful Objects

After getting a good stock of wood, you must craft a crafting table and make some important things like axes, pickaxes, a sword and a lot of word planks.

Third: Build your House

Now you have all you need, you are able to build your house! You must search a big space, which is near a place with a lot of trees for getting wood when you need, near a mountain for getting stone and not too far from a little lake.

Yes, you can be very proud, you have build you house and you can now protect yourself against monsters.

Fouth: build the Furniture for you House

You have a magnificent house now, but it seems very, how to say, EMPTY!

You must build some things in it which are very important:

          -a cooker for cooking your food

          -a bed for spending the night very quickly

          -a chest for stocking the things you don't need to use immediatly

          -some torches for seeing in the night

Fifth: Learn to be a Farmer

Oh, that's incredible! Your house is magnificent! You can now work outside. You must break a lot of little grass that you can see on the floor nearly everywhere and collect the little seeds which fall on the ground. Then build a hoe and use it on the ground near a little lake or source of water. Then, put the seeds on the ground.

You have just planted wheat! You just have to wait between five and ten minutes and you will get wheat. You can make bread with eat, so you will never die of hunger. You can cook bread for example with 3 of them.

Sixth: Explore a Cave

Now, You are a strong man, you can now go and explore a cave! Absolute needings:

          - A stone sword

          - A stone pickaxe

          - A lot of torches

Search a cave wich is near your house and go in it. Put torches on all your path so you can see and find the way back.

There you can find iron, gold, redstone and eaven sometimes diamond!


But pay attention! You can be attacked by monsters! There are sometimes spawners!

Destroy them as fast as you can, because they spawn monsters until it is distroyed. You can sometimes find chests there with very interesting things.

Seventh: Make an Armor

 Now you have a lot of materials, you are able to make armors.

*When you have ores, you must bake them in a cooker for having a bar


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