Five Basic Monsters From Minecraft

Hi! Today I am going to tel you about all the monsters of Minecraft PE. After that, you will know EVERYTHING about them!


First: The Zombie


The Zombie Minecraft is the most common monster from Minecraft. It is just a green man who absolutly wants to kill you. He burns in the sun light so it isn't very hard to kill him, because he will come even if he is burning. He sometimes can have an armor or a sword for killing you. In this case, he is protected from the sun and he does'nt burn.

Second: The Zombie Villager

 The Zombie Viallager is the Zombie's victim. It is a villager you can find everywhere near little houses, which has been bitten by a zombie. He acts exactly like a zombie (he wants to kill you and burn in the fire) but he never has armors.

Second: The Baby Zombie

A Baby zombie is the son of the zombie, but he is a lot worst. He doesn't die in the sun, he is extremly rapid,he has a lot of health, and he hits you very hard.

Third: The  Pig Zombie

A Pig Zombie is a mix between a pig and a zombie. He is innofensive if you don't touch him. If you hit him, he comes and attck you, and if there is a group, all the group comes for trying to kill you. If you kill him, you can get gold nuggets. He has only one ennemy, the iron golem

Forth: The  Skeleton


 He is one of the most intelligent monsters of Minecraft PE. He tries to shoot you with his bow. He burns exactly like the zombies in the sun, but he knows it, so he always go under trees or in water for survivng.

Fifth: The Enderman

He is one of the strongest monsters. He can disapear and reapearin another place, and sometimes, he steals bloks. You can't shoot him with a bow because he automaticly disapear. He is inofensive, but when you look in his eyes, he comes near you and begin to attack you until you die.




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