Super Mario Odissey

Super Mario Odissey is a game created by Nintendo for the new Nintendo Switch console.

1. The Concept

Super Mario Odissey is one of the first Mario adventure games in the style of The Legends of Zelda, but in this game, there are worlds totally different from each other in which you can travel at any time. The only constraint is to unlock them as and when the adventure.

In this new Mario adventure, Bowser steals Peach, the princess as usual, but this time, he wants to marry her! He also stole a living crown with her, a resident of the country of hats. The brother of this crown, Cappy will cooperate with Mario to defeat Bowser and deliver the two prisoners.

But be careful, do not forget your dear partner Odyssey, your spaceship that will allow you throughout the adventure to move between worlds in pursuit of Bowser!

In each world that Mario will visit when he is in pursuit of Bowser, will be a specific object to this world that Bowser will manage to recover before Mario. He will always be accompanied by his faithful servants, the Broodals.

But there are also many new features compared to other Mario games.



Hi! Today I will write a review about Cuphead.                                                                                                                                              11/11/2017

About the game

This game has been released on September 29, 2017 by Studio MDHR. It talks about two brothers with cup heads who made a deal with the Devil. For surviving, they have to kill some bosses and to take their souls. There are 3 worlds with 5 bosses each and in the finale, you can choose the ending: to kill the devil release the souls or to give them to the devil and to become a demon. There are 2 extra levels in each world where you can get some coins. With the coins you can upgrade the character.

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Hi Everybody! Today I am going to tell you about the new Minecraft Update.                                              5/11/2017

Minecraft PE Update

It is the 1.2.3 Update, which has been made some days ago! It is the biggest Update that Minecraft PE has ever done!

One of the most important things is that


By creating a Minecraft World opened in multiplayer, you can enter with every device which have Minecraft installed.

But an other new thing is

The entire reorganisation of the inventory


More Details


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