Review: Rocket League

Hi! Today I will write a review about Rocket League.

About the Game

This game has been released on the 7th July, 2015 by .

This game talks about two topics: cars and sport. In fact you are the pilote of a car and you have to play football against another team or just player. There is an enormous ball in the playing area and you have to shoot it in the other's cage. There are a lot of different types of games and each has something different from the others.


Our Opinion

I think it is a nice game because the game idea is very interressant and because the cars are very interesting : there are a lot of combinations for customising your car.

You can buy keys to open crates for more items. There is also an option which allows you to make a party. In this party you can invite your friends for playing with them or just to do a trade.

You can buy Rocket League from steam with 20 euro. I think that's a good game to play single and also with your friends.

Our Opinion

Here is a gameplay of this game, which presents you a little part of it.

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